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QPI 4 Kids Events

Conference Videos and Documents

Conference Videos

2020 QPI Network National Conference Video Index

Opening Plenary

Relationships Make the Difference

Master Class Workshops

Advancing Developmentally Appropriate Child Welfare Practice

Implementing Trauma-Sensitive Practice with Adolescents in Foster Care in Times of Crisis

Maximizing Screen Time During the COVID Pandemic

Relationships Are the Key

Conference Videos

2019 QPI National Conference Index

Workshop:Bringing Unusual Suspects to the Table: Community Partners and Other Agencies

Adoption Mixer - February 10, 2019

Faith Based Recruitment

Finding a Home for Every Child: A Systematic Approach to Identifying Potential Foster Parents and Partner Organizations

Human Services Agency - Partner Recruiting Video

James Storehouse Louisiana

No Limit Brochure

Reno Aces Program Flyer

SPCA Flyer - For Teens Only

Workshop: Implementing Partnership/Relationship Practices from Policy to Impact

Birth and Foster Parent Partnership Referral Form

Confidentiality and Information Sharing Guide

CS Model: 7 Steps of Creating Memorable Customer Service Moments on the Telephone

CS Model: Activity 4: Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment

CS Model: Customer Service Best Practice Tips

CS Model: Making the Most of Your Home Visits Using Customer Service Strategies

CS Model: Creating Memorable Customer Service Office Setting

CS Model: Customer Service in Child Welfare

CS Model: What is Customer Service?

DCFS Role Card: Adoptions

DCFS Role Card: Clerical Support Staff

DCFS Role Card: Child Protective Services

DCFS Role Card: Family Services

DCFS Role Card: Foster Care

DCFS Role Card: Home Development

Icebreaker Practice Guide

Initial Calls Practice Guide

Initial Removal Practice Guide

Partnership Plan between Caregivers for Children and Teens in Out-of-Home Care and the Department of Children and Family Services and Staff

Parent Partnership Presentation

Planful Transitions Guide

Practice/Performance Evaluation Guide

Supervisory Review Guide

Workshop: Innovative Strategies To Energize QPI, Build Community, & Develop Consensus - Philly’s Experience

Innovative Strategies PowerPoint

QPI Workgroups & Goals 2018-2019

QPI Workshop #1: DHS Quality Parenting Initiative

QPI Workshop #2: DHS Quality Parenting Initiative

QPI Workshop #3: Goals and Priorities

QPI Workshop #4: Workgroups & Governance

QPI Workshop #5: Workgroup Planning and Action Items

Workshop: Protecting Relationships During Transitions

Transition Checklists and Calendar (Lake Charles Region, LA)

Transition Planning for Children in Care: Mission Statement

Workshop: QPI 101

Partnership Plan and Quality Parenting 101 PowerPoint

QPI 101 Handout

Workshop: Reimagining Caregiver Investigations: Moving From A Law Enforcement to Problem Solving Approach

Licensed Foster Care Assessment Response Pilot

CFOP 170-11 Licensing Response to Reports Involving a Foster Parent

CFOP 170-5 Response to Foster Care Referrals and Investigations Involving a Foster Parent

New Process Pilot Presentation

PUB500: Complaint Investigation Process for Licensed Foster Parents

PUB501: Complaint Investigation Process for County Licensed Foster Parents

PUB502: Complaint Investigation Process for Foster Family Agency Certified Parents

Workshop: Relationship Based Approach to Visitation: Fostering Relationships Visitation and Just Beginning

Fostering Relationships

Fostering Relationships Between Foster Parents and Families of Origin

Just Beginning

QPI Presentation Texas: First 3 Years

Seven Essential Ingredients for Implementation of Trauma Informed Care

Washoe County HSA: Family Engagement Center/Visitation

Workshop: Relationship Based Recruiting: Engaging Foster Parents, Birth Parents and Youth. 

CHAMPS Policy Playbook 2nd Edition

CHAMPS QPI Powerpoint Presentation

Clark County DFS Follow-up

Clark County DFS Presentation

Foster Family Support Program Flyer

Foster Family Support Program Newsletter

Preparations to Win

Putting Parenting First Presentation

Washoe County HSA

Workshop: Supporting Birth and Foster Parent Partners Using Mentors and Other Strategies  

2 4 2 Book Project

Birth and Foster Parent Partnership Referral Form

CH + A Sharing of Information with Caregivers Form

Co-Parenting Co-Sharing of Information Agreement

Meet Our Family

Parent Partnerships are Powerful

Play Dates Flyer

Visit Coaching Manual

What You Need to Know about My Child

Workshop: Supporting Stability/Avoiding Disruption

Assembly Bill 2247

Children’s Home & Aid: Placement Stabilization Exit Survey

Children’s Home & Aid: Referral for Foster Parent Mentoring Services

CYC #FosterStability Campaign

FosterStability Flyer

Juvenile Law Center: Youth Fostering Change Permanency Toolkit

Guidelines: Normalcy Policy Lets Foster Parents Make "Normal" Decisions

Meet Our Family

Placement Stabilization Assessment

Playdates Flyer

Sibling Contract: Tip Sheet

What You Need to Know About My Child

Conference Videos and Documents

2018 QPI National Conference Index

2017 NSF Participant List

A Journey Home Session 1 - LA

Building Connections Through Art and Music

Co-Parenting and Co-Sharing Information Agreement - CHA

Court Liaison Position Description - FL

CPS role - QPI LA

Creating and Respecting Boundaries- WI

Foster and Kinship Caregiver Roles - QPI LA

Foster Care - QPI LA

Foster Parent Mentoring Manual - CHA

Foster Parents Often Foster the Whole Family - WI

Foster Parents-Bridge Gap

Fostering Progress Report, rev. 01/13/17

FP Mentor Program - CHA

FP Mentor Program - FL

Great Foster Parents Work with Birth Family to Aid Reunification - WI

Guide to Steps of Icebreaker Meeting

Home Development Role - QPI LA

Icebreaker Meeting Birth Parent

Icebreaker Meeting Foster Parent

Icebreaker Meeting Information

Icebreaker Pamphlet - QPI LA

Meet Our Family - CHA

Parents with Trauma History - NCTSN

Partnership Parenting Take Aways - WI

Partnership Parenting - WI

Parents Get Real Guide - IL

Placement Information Form

Pre-Service Training Participants Guide - LA

Pre-Service Training Trainer Guide - LA

QPI Branding Statement - CHA

QPI Pamphlet - LA

QPI FS Worker - LA

QPI Matrix updated - LA

QPI Principles - LA

QPI PSA Video Short

QPI Testimonial Article - The Advocate (pdf)

Questions for Foster-Biological Parents

Records to be Maintained by Foster Parents

Resources to Consider

Sharing Information with Caregivers Form

Survey for Resource Parents

Talking Points for QPI Louisiana

What About Education

What Every Child and FP Has a Right to Know

What You Need to Know About My Child

Conference Videos

Opening Conference Remarks & Transforming California's Child Welfare System (03/03/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Birth & Resource Parent Panel Discussion (03/02/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Foster Youth Panel Discussion (03/03/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

It Takes A Village (03/03/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Targeted Recruitment (03/03/17) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Youth Development & Resiliency (03/03/17) (1.5 hours)