November’s Network News

It’s a November to remember — read through this month’s network newsletter and register for QPI events! Learn about:

  1. QPI InSites for California, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Florida;
  2. An opportunity for QPI caregivers to register for next week’s International Fostering Exchange
  3. How you can Elevate & Celebrate the people who live QPI values this coming Monday, November 21st (and it’s not too late to share your gratitude!); and
  4. The Youth Law Center preparing for the 2022 Unsung Heroes virtual event. You’ll want to attend in December to celebrate all the people doing amazing system change work, and also cheer on the QPI honorees!

…Be sure to register for upcoming online opportunities — happening this week and next — and before you go, check out what’s new and available at the website. Also, we’ve expanded our online presence — follow us on LinkedIn!

October’s Network News

Your October edition of the network newsletter abounds with QPI news and events! Learn about:

    1.    The first national QPI Champions Conference was held last month in Reno, NV;
    2.    The QPI California Caregivers Town Hall Virtual Event is happening this Friday; 
    3.    A new webinar series “QPI Site Spotlight” premieres this Thursday featuring Connecticut!; 
    4.    This month’s QPI Practice Exchange network meeting focuses on how to build relationships through family engagement practices; and 
    5.    How we’re taking your nominations now so we can “Elevate and Celebrate” QPI Sites with you in November. It’s all about gratitude!

…Be sure to register for upcoming online opportunities — happening this week and next — and before you go, check out this month’s rich resource list on what’s new and available at the website. Enjoy!

September’s Network News

Greetings QPI Network,

Autumn is finally upon us, and we wouldn’t want you to “leaf” this newsletter until you know about these QPI happenings:

  1. You’ll “fall” in love with the new Multi-Family Visitation Center in Humboldt County, California;
  2. Next week’s web event will spice up our QPI communication — be sure to register for “Words Matter: Language That Reflects Excellent Parenting”; and
  3. California Caregivers, you’ll want to save the date for the virtual October Town Hall with CDSS!

August’s Network News

We know the weather has been HOT, but so is the news for our QPI sites! In this issue of QPI Network News, we offer…

  1. An exciting “UP”date for children and youth in California legislation; 
  2. Event registration for a series release of stories highlighting policy and practice changes that support parent partnerships; and 
  3. Catching Them Doing QPI — nominate those prioritizing strong relationships for children in care!

July’s QPI Network News

In this first summer’s issue of the QPI Network News, we’ll dive right into… 

  1. QPi InSITES – the latest and greatest from our sites featuring California, Louisiana, Florida, and Minnesota;
  2. Registering for July’s Webinar, a Fireside Chat with QPI Co-Creator Carole Shauffer;
  3. News about online Champion training for August and our first annual Champions Conference in Reno, Nevada this September;
  4. Catching Them Doing QPI — nominate those prioritizing strong relationships for children in care; and
  5. Your monthly website updates!

May’s QPI Network News

What a month, QPI Network!

Not only is May #NationalFosterCareMonth, a time to recognize and highlight the experiences of those impacted by foster care systems, but our 2022 QPI Virtual National Conference is also happening this month. Next week, QPI members from across the nation will convene online to continue efforts ensuring all children and youth in the foster care system have the love and support they need to become thriving adults every day of the year. If you haven’t yet registered for the national conference, there’s still time. Registration for the national conference is open through this Friday. And, we still have scholarships available for youth and birth parents to join! Email us this week about scholarship requests.

This month’s newsletter focuses on May events highlighting opportunities to contribute to the QPI movement, including your invitation to submit QPI nominations. Additionally…

April 2022 QPI Network News

Greetings, QPI Network,

It’s April and we’re showering you with fantastic QPI work updates and opportunities! This month, you’ll read about new published research and QPI site updates. It’s important that you read through to the end of this newsletter totake heed of event updates and offerings. Make sure you act now to:

  1. Early Register for the QPI Virtual National Conference by Thursday, April 14th;
  2. Register for week’s QPI Statewide Quarterly Meetings (Tuesday for Florida and Wednesday for California!); and 
  3. Register for April’s QPI Webinar because this month we’re talking about the theme for next month’s national conference: Parenting matters!

As always, you’ll see a list of what’s new on that will round up this month’s network news for you. Enjoy!

March 2022 Network News

Greetings, QPI Partners,

This month your QPI Network News informs about both March and upcoming online events! Make sure you’re in the know — read about, watch a video, and/or register for the: 

  1. 2022 Virtual National Conference Registration; 
  2. Register for March QPI Practice Exchange; 
  3. Happy Social Work Month Offerings; 
  4. April Statewide Quarterly Meetings; and

Before you go, check out what’s new on below. The QPI Champions Portal is now up online for our Champions!

February 2022 Network News

Greetings, QPI Partners,

It’s February! And this month, your QPI Network News gets right to the heart of the matter: 

1. 2022 National Conference Save The Date; 
2. QPI Site Happenings;
3. Pandemic Aid Opportunity for California Adoptive Caregivers;
4. Register for Two February QPI Web Events; and
5. March 2022 International Fostering Exchange