Voices of QPI

We are proud of the many QPI sites and the families who have been helped by our work.  Below are a few quotes and photos from the many voices of QPI.

Woman holding small girl

Kayonna has been a foster parent in Leon County and is a model for excellent partnership. [She] fully understands how truly important it is that a foster child maintains a strong connection to their biological family.  She goes above and beyond in ensuring that a biological parent has quality time with their child.

Mary J., Foster Family Support Specialist, Tallahassee, Florida
Gregory and Barbara

Gregory & Barbara expressed a belief that it takes more than just one person to raise a child and want to be active in helping raise a child, whether it’s their own, a family or friends, or a foster child. Our team has experienced over and over again the commitment that they have to our foster youth and families.

Kate R., St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development, Minnetonka, Minnesota

I have been participating in the QPI webinars since you started them during the pandemic. I was connected to your organization through First3Years based out of Dallas, Texas. The webinars have helped me provide our parents with practical advice to virtually connect with their children that are in foster care and utilize the caregivers as resources. A huge THANK YOU for the webinars and this [virtual] conference. 🙂

Tamisha L., May 2020

[QPI has] deepened my insight on the importance of building positive relationship with families. I realize the great rewards of this success and knowing that I played a small part. This goes really beyond a working relationship, it is ministry

Joan C., Child Welfare Supervisor, Amite, Louisiana

With one of my foster homes, feeling accepted was I’d come into the home and immediately get introduced to the rest of the family…We would go out with the entire family on trips, and they wouldn’t refer to me as their foster daughter. But ‘This is my daughter. This is my family. I take care of her; I love her unconditionally

Katrina, California Youth Connection

Yolanda went to last year’s QPI conference and was bitten by the bug. She really emphasizes with her whole team the QPI philosophy.

Denise P. Las Vegas, Nevada

[In the beginning] we were not buddies. We had some ups and downs…made us grow when we kept at the relationship. Sarah was such an advocate for me. We we’re going to make it happen

Corinna, Birth Parent Sarah, Foster Parent, Pensacola, Florida

As a juvenile court judge, I am already seeing the difference QPI makes as foster parents come into my courtroom.  When they are treated as partners with staff, it enhances the quality of care for our foster children.”

Judge Blair Edwards 21st Judicial District, Louisiana

And so when we talk about love and empathy, simple things like hanging the art work on the refrigerator or hanging portraits, that is an expression of love and care and empathy and that inclusivity that I was craving at that time in my life, where it was a validation that we are a family unit and everyone together, we are together. The portraits on the wall always stuck out to me… those small gestures go a long way.

Vanessa, California Youth Connection

Taylor and Bobby Peck were licensed in 2018 as foster parents and have been the epitome of partnership from Day One. Their first placement was a 4-year-old girl whose parents were not from the United States. Despite the language barrier, they immediately engaged with her dad. They used Google Translate to communicate and walked through difficult conversations with both candor and grace.

Calyn S., Tallahassee, Florida

The clearly defined roles and open communication has made a world of difference in how parents view our agency. Having the freedom to communicate openly and effectively with all involved parties has made the process as a whole so much better for everyone.

Nicole H., Home Development Specialist, Covington, Louisiana

I listened to his Dad and Grandma describing with joy the simple way he shows his independence and how he’s piecing words together… a feeling of gratitude and peace took hold of me and once again, I was reminded why I said yes.

Molly C ., Foster Parent, Tallahassee, Florida

I have a QPI mindset… It has made me become very passionate about making a difference in the lives of families.  I really love everything about QPI.

Jennifer J., Foster Parent Mentor Specialist Panama City, Florida

Lindsey has been a Peer Parent Partner since April 2017, and since then she has doubled the capacity of the Peer Parent Partner program and worked with over 60 families in the Santa Maria/Lompoc communities to support, encourage and mentor them as they navigate the CWS system.

Lindsey D., Peer Parent Partner, Santa Barbara County, California

We embrace QPI’s vision of excellent parenting for all children. We are working hard to engage families of origin and resource parents collectively to ensure that children grow up loved and safe. DHS is committed to continuing its leadership of positive system changes initiated by Philadelphia QPI.

Cynthia Figueroa, Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Human Services

QPI has given foster parents a voice in a very difficult system. It has allowed for foster parents to realize they can ask for change to help children and be supported and heard in the requests.

Ashley A., Statewide Foster Parent Support Specialist Rockford, Illinois

I have been advocating for resource families since 1988 in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. We were helping one family at a time. Changing child welfare practice was something we hoped for, but never thought we would see in our lifetime. That dream has become reality because of QPI.

Phyllis S., Adoptive Parent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s been amazing.  Any and everything I ever wanted as a biological parent and now as a parent mentor, everything I ever wanted in a system change, was wrapped up in QPI.

Tiffany C., Parent Mentor, Lafayette, Louisiana

Sharing my story is a huge part of bringing perspective to families about what to expect and what the process is like. They see diversity, options, and that it’s all about loving that child.

Matt P., Santa Barbara, California

Chastity steps outside of herself and sets aside her own needs on a daily basis to teach, mentor, advocate, encourage and support foster youth (and any youth in need) in our community.

Amanda, Santa Barbara, CA

Andrew H. with Hope Fort Worth has made a life-long impact on our family. Without his efforts to advocate for older children and sibling groups in the foster system we would not have been led to adopt our teenage son as well as our sibling boys.

Julia P., Foster Parent, Fort Worth, Texas

Justice for children and youth is in the moment-to-moment unconditional love they receive. System transformation occurs when we prioritize the roots they need to grow and the wings they need to fly.”

Jennifer Rodriguez, Executive Director, Youth Law Center

More than any other player, the Youth Law Center has changed the way we think about our function. They focused on trying to look at children’s services system through the eyes of children themselves… and reframing the value set.

Will Lightbourne, Director California Department of Social Services

We must change practice and policy so that everything we do reflects our mission to provide quality care and a better life for children and youth in the foster care and juvenile justice system.

Carole Shauffer, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Youth Law Center/QPI